About Us – GANUVI

About Us

Ganuvi was formed with a singular purpose: to create the Rolls Royce of hands-free chargers. Based out of Dallas, Texas and Sofia, Bulgaria, Ganuvi combines easy access, compatibility and functionality, creating the ultimate mobile experience for drivers from all over the world. Whether you have a brand-new iPhone or refuse to give up on your three-year-old Samsung Galaxy, we have what you need to stay safe and stay connected.


What Makes Us Different

Ganuvi is revolutionary. Here are just a few reasons why we are proud to offer our wireless chargers to you:

  • Competitive pricing. We don’t believe you should have to break the bank to use cutting-edge technology.
  • Compatibility. You should never have to change one product to use another. Our chargers are compatible with almost all popular phones.
  • Technology. From Automatic Clamping to Gravity Sensors, our devices provide you with enhanced services through superior technology.


The Better Way

From concerned parents to highly driven professionals, all of us have the need to be connected. Our goal is to help you stay connected throughout the day while keeping your driving environment safe. All we want to do is lend a helping hand, while you travel to your next destination, wherever that may be.

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